Why did we name this ministry, “The Well”?

Have you ever been in the place of regrets from bad decisions, broken relationships, alone, and feeling rejected, condemned, and in the need of forgiveness and acceptance? If you have then you can understand these hopeless feelings, then you will understand why we named this ministry, The Well.

Jesus encountered a woman who was condemned, kicked out by the community, had broken relationship after broken relationship, labeled by the community, and left to life on her on. She had a list of regretful decisions a mile high.

This empty person took her empty bucket to The Well to draw water one day. She walked through the wheat fields in the shadows of the mountains, but when she arrived at The Well, she encountered Christ Jesus. She was defensive and skeptical, but when she realized Jesus was the Savior, the Messiah and he was not condemning her, she found forgiveness and the loving acceptance of God. Her life was radically changed!

She had tried to fill her life with relationship after relationship to find inner satisfaction, but when she met Christ, she found a God-kind of satisfaction that changed her life. She then left The Well, and told her community about the love of Christ.

The Well is a place where hurting people encounter the love of Christ and find life-changing satisfying hope!

You can read about this encounter in John 4, in the Bible here. Click here.